As you activate these simple steps, the donations will come rolling in! We know because we have done it already! With differing charities and differing media companies in differing cities, NeoFill continues to raise revenue for charities across the country! Let us help you Give!

Get Ready to Give!!

Research shows that sharing a common cause can bring people together in a strong way. Creating community will help with listener retention and listening time. More than community, recent studies have also shown that giving back to the community, the nation, the world is more important than ever, especially to the Millenial Generation. Mother Nature has made sure that we have plenty to give to! Hurricane upon hurricane here in our own country, Fires, Volcanoes, Earthquakes and even Tidal Waves continue to fill the headlines. There is certainly plenty of good to be done.

1. Request that a Charity Auction Site and a Donation Site be set up on your behalf by clicking here.


2. Auction off what you already have. Breakfast with the morning team, Golf with the Drive Time Crew, Lunch at a local spot with the General Manager are all awesome auction items! Also consider autographed items such as guitars or jerseys. Tours of the station that include meet and greets are also a great way to turn your day to day into a revenue generating machine!


3. Get More! Even though many people will be anxious to bid on a studio tour and breakfast on air, you have more connections than that! Call your partner at the stadium for back stage passes or a dinner in the press box before a game. Work with a local merchant to get T-shirts that can be sold for a profit highlighting your cause. Ask your advertisers to join in by donating an item from there business.


4. PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE Use On Air, Email, Print in News, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. to let your listeners know what you are auctioning off! Saturate on air conversations with the auction, ask the participating businesses to promote within their own circles as well. Consider doing a Live Remote so that drive by donations can be made as well. Involve local children to make the story more appealing to the news. Car washes, Bake Sales etc.


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